Thank You for Following Along!

Hello Everyone!

Thank you so much for joining me and the rest of the Wauankee Public Library Youth Services team during the past few months on this blog. We hope that the information was helpful and you had some fun with all the activities! As we focus on planning summer programs, we are going to step back from this blog. We will leave all our posts up so they are available for you to peruse. For all the latest information about programming and library services, please check out our website (, follow the library on Facebook, or give us a call!

We have one more announcement for you here…our Summer Reading Program is moving online! For babies all the way up to those moving into the 4th grade, check out Miss Brittany’s video explaining the kids summer reading program!

For preteens and teens, anyone moving into the 5th grade through high school seniors, check out the video below for information on your summer reading program!

You can click here to access both programs and our adult reading program as well! Check out the countdown and enter your information for an email update when the program opens officially on June 15th! If you have any questions about summer reading or virtual programs, please reach out to us at

Thank you again for joining us here. We are so excited to see you virtually and six-feet away this summer!


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